Plan of attack


Step 1: Discovery

  • Understand the company's short and long term objectives.

  • Assess the status of product/service offering(s), sales & marketing.


Step 2: Identify and define  

  • Business model - will your current strategy accomplish your goals.

  • Market trends and customer requirements - identify untapped opportunities.

  • Competitive market offerings (product, service, cloud-delivered).

  • Customer's perception of the company's value proposition(s) and is it really what you think.

  • Do your points of differentiation scream market disruption?

  • Ensure the revenue model maximizes ARR, CLV, and other KPIs?

  • Identify financial needs and objectives, ownership intentions.

  • Define strategic partnerships.


Step 3: Architect

  • Tactical plan to initiate top initiative(s)

  • Strategy to meet stakeholders objectives 

Step 4: Execute

  • Identify resources

  • Develop metrics and analytics for success criteria

  • Get results

Step 5: Forward Plan

  • On-going operational planning

  • Define options for a liquidity event

  • Expand "go to market"

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