Shattering limits, Sparking ideas

Pioneering pathways for tech innovators


Rules are mostly made to be broken...

Why Disruptive?

Shatter limits and pioneer new horizons: Revolutionize your business and ignite unbeatable advantages in the market!

Accelerate Your Success

Streamline launches, shorten cycles, identify new revenue streams, maximize efficiency, and propel your business forward.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Stand out with Disruptive Strategies™: differentiate offerings, captivate audience, secure loyal customers, position as a trailblazer, outshine competitors.

Achieve Lasting Success

Breaking barriers, challenging norms, embracing change for sustainable growth and success.

My Process

A systematic and efficient approach, breaking tasks into manageable steps, leveraging collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to achieve remarkable success in every endeavor.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

- President Calvin Coolidge​


Meet David

As a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in launching and scaling multiple startups, I possess the expertise and experience to help companies and entrepreneurs create an unfair advantage in sales, propelling their businesses to new heights. My unwavering passion for innovation drives me to identify and bring to market game-changing solutions that enable my clients to stand out in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Scalable Strategies for Spectacular Results

At the core of my approach lies the development of scalable strategies and disruptive business models. By collaborating closely with my clients, I gain a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges, allowing me to craft customized solutions that yield exceptional results. Together, we create a roadmap to success, leveraging innovative techniques and insights gained from years of hands-on experience.

The Golden Rules

Delight Your Customers

The customer experience should span across the entire company, removing friction and making it effortless for customers to do business with you.

Culture Eats Strategy.

Strategy provides focus and direction, while culture shapes the environment where it thrives. Strategy defines intent and ingenuity, but culture drives desire, engagement, and execution.


Simplicity is key. Less is more. Eliminate complexity and friction.

Define Success

Define success to recognize achievements. Set realistic milestones, measure progress with KPIs, and celebrate wins, big and small, with the team.

Fail Fast

Embrace failure, learn, adapt, and persevere. Initial versions may falter; be prepared to pivot. Keep progressing and never surrender.

Are You Ready to get Disruptive?

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