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We help exceptional companies disrupt markets and transform their strategy for success.


Building winning strategies


Creating new opportunities


Driving demand

Disrupt the Status Quo

We don’t mind breaking some glass to get to the root of a problem. We bring a unique perspective and a disruptive approach.

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We take ownership and pride in our work. 

We set a high bar and sweat the details. 

We hold ourselves accountable to the stretch goals, OKRs, and the objectives set. 

We always strive to improve.


Moral compass – we believe in doing the right thing and work with people that share this compass.

Empathy – we are entrepreneurs; we have been in your shoes.

Humility – we are here to help teams get over the big hurdles and never assume we have all the answers.

Winning mindset – we are ambitious, passionate, and dynamic orthogonal thinkers with diverse experience and expertise.

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About Us

David Cerf

David is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for emerging growth companies. Working closely with “light house” customers and strategic partners, he has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in early stage revenue. David takes a hands-on approach to help build disruptive strategies to cement a strong foundation for long-term success. 

Early in his career, David was the founder of the Dallas Business Incubator, one of the first venture capital driven business incubators in the US. 

He is an international speaker on disruptive technologies, entrepreneurship, and economic development. 

The proud father of two US Marine Officers. Active in adventure sports, off-road motorcycling, and environmental initiatives.

Michael Steffano

Michael has extensive experience in business startups & acquisitions, deal structure, fundraising, software development, operations and management consulting. As a serial entrepreneur, he is comfortable both in the boardroom and with the geeks in the back office.

Michael’s strong technical background led to the creation of a video software technology as an alternative to chroma key (green screen) which is based on his patented technology. This led to the development of several B2C products and licensing deals with Apple, Intel, Logitech, and many others.

Michael brings a unique perspective for strategically positioning intellectual property within a business. His proven start-up and project management skills help take ideas from the back of a napkin to an operational business.

Michael resides in Bend, OR with his wife where he enjoys all the fine activities Central Oregon provides, including riding his motorcycle and mountain bike in the Summer, and XC-skiing in the Winter. He and his wife are active members of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) in Central Oregon.

Ryan Masten

Ryan is a industry pioneer with 20+ years of experience in FinSec, Life Sciences, enterprise software & SaaS solutions, and emerging technology. Ryan brings strong technical insight in information system architecture, graphic and video production, SaaS and client application development, information/network security, and business process integrations.

Ryan served as the Senior Vice President of E-Commerce Solutions for Assurant Global Services and raised over $50M from Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank. Ryan received a BA in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University and a Master’s of Science in Network Security from Capitol Technology University.

His solutions have received global acclaim by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, and the British Medical Journal.

Ryan is active in many social organizations with a focus on community. Ryan currently resides in Austin, TX and is supported by his loving wife and their 5 children.

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